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​International Association of Computational  Mechanics (IACM)
  • The largest computational mechanics community to promote advances in  computational mechanics by the international group of scholars and practitioners  of this new discipline.
  • Founded in 1981
  • Affiliated Associations (national and regional)
  • Currently: 33 Associations
  • More than 5,000 members
  • The General Council (nominated by Affiliated Associations)
  • The Executive Council
  • In charge of managing scientific, technical and financial affairs
  • 17 members + Officers
Executive Council

C.S. Chen, Taiwan

General Council (in alphabetical order)

Ching-Yao (Ken)  Chen (Taiwan)
Chao-An  Lin (Taiwan)
Chun-Wei  Pao (Taiwan)
I-Ling Chang (Taiwan)
Ming-Jyh  Chern (Taiwan)
Shu-Wei  Chang (Taiwan)
Yang-Yao Niu (Taiwan)
The International Association of Computational Mechanics (IACM) was founded to promote advances in computational mechanics. For the purposes of the Association, the subject of computational mechanics was defined as the development and application of numerical methods and digital computers to the solution of problems posed by engineering and applied sciences with the objective of understanding and harnessing the resources of nature. 
Executive Council (in alphabetical order)

Chuin-Shan (David) Chen, Taiwan
Yeong-Bin Yang, Taiwan

General Council (in alphabetical order)

Chao-An Lin, Taiwan
Shu-Wei Chang, ​Taiwan​
Member Associations

The Association of Computational Mechanics Taiwan (ACMT), Taiwan
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